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For over 17 years, we have successfully implemented more than 200 projects annually. Leveraging our extensive practical experience, status, and partnership, we protect your interests and solve your business challenges.
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We represent business interests in conflicts, tax disputes, bankruptcies, and courts throughout Russia.
17+ years
of experience in liquidation, bankruptcy, and tax disputes
30+ years
of legal practice in criminal law
The members of the team of 'Rusyaev & Partners' are experts in resolving complex legal issues related to taxes, liquidation, bankruptcy, and defense in economic crime cases. We specialize in providing legal services for legal entities.
An expert, such as a corporate lawyer or attorney, is assigned to your case. For more challenging matters, a collaborative approach is employed, involving necessary specialists such as tax consultants, accountants, appraisers, etc.
Our key objective is to find the right solution, minimize risks, achieve the desired results quickly, while saving your money and time. We provide legal services in Moscow, with nationwide coverage, and also offer legal outsourcing.
billion rubles ($ 226 666 666,67) saved for our clients
companies successfully liquidated
bankruptcy procedures completed
tax audits passed
clients protected from criminal prosecution
Ilya Rusyaev
Managing partner, leading lawyer, and director of the legal firm "Rusyaev & Partners"
My legal career began in 2005 with the service of company liquidation. Over the years, two more practices followed: private company bankruptcy and tax disputes, and a criminal practice in the field of economic and corruption crimes was added.

Today, "Rusyaev & Partners" is a team of lawyers, attorneys, tax consultants and other experts. Over 17 years of involvement in complex legal processes, strategic partnership, and the status of our staff enable us to find right solutions and effectively protect the interests of our clients.

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What to expect when contacting "Rusyaev & Partners"
Accurate situation assessment
You will clearly understand the situation, the real risks involved, and the appropriate course of action. We have practical knowledge of how courts and tax authorities apply legal norms. We consider various scenarios and develop reliable protection strategies.
Effective solutions
You will have a clear action plan and learn how to reduce risks for the company and for yourself. Our immense experience, high-level contacts, and the proper status of our leaders and partners enable us to effectively handle legal matters of any complexity.
Expense optimization
We provide solutions to your issues with an optimal balance of costs, timelines, and risks. We eliminate unnecessary actions, initiate and oversee all processes, and establish effective communication with all parties involved. We ensure the achievement of the desired results.
Absolute confidentiality
Maximum honesty is the key to our successful collaboration. You can provide us with any confidential information without fear. We guarantee its security and sign a non-disclosure agreement.
200+ successful cases annually
Some of our cases
Criminal practice
12 million ₽
Additional tax charges of 12 million rubles ($ 160 000) avoided

A private company with tax risks successfully liquidated without additional tax assessments and penalties.
During the tax audit in September 2021, the tax risks for the year 2018 were identified. The company faced potential additional charges of 12 million rubles ($ 160 000), as well as a penalty ranging from 20% to 40% of the additional assessments.
We implemented a set of procedures to improve the company's accounting and minimize risks. We took over the company's accounting, waited until the beginning of 2022 to exceed the deadline for possible tax inspections for the period with tax risks, and proceeded with the liquidation process.
The private company was successfully liquidated without additional assessments or penalties because the period with tax risks had passed. The company saved 12 million rubles ($ 160 000) and avoided penalties.
Criminal practice
340 million
Creditors' claims against a construction company amounting to 340 million rubles ($ 4 533 333,33)

The main creditor's claims for 200 million rubles ($ 2 666 666,67) were rejected, claims amounting to 140 million rubles ($ 1 866 666,67) were sold for 60 million rubles ($ 800 000), the director was freed from criminal prosecution and preserved the business.
The new owner of a construction developer and investor decided to switch to a different construction company involving numerous claims regarding the volume and quality of work, suspension of payments, and further financing. As a result, a list of creditors' claims for 340 million rubles ($ 4 533 333,33) was created, an affiliated manager was appointed, and the director faced criminal prosecution.
We established a dialogue with the creditors, falsified the developer and investor's claims and excluded these claims amounting to approximately 200 million rubles ($ 2 666 666,67) from the list. The bankruptcy trustee was dismissed, and the remaining creditors' claims of 140 million rubles ($ 1 866 666,67) were sold for 60 million rubles ($ 800 000). The claims were settled.
The bankruptcy procedure finished with the business preserved. The company's director and other responsible parties were freed from criminal prosecution. Approximately 280 million rubles ($ 3 733 333,33) were preserved.
Criminal practice
67 million ₽
67 million rubles ($ 893 333,33) of profit tax saved.
An on-site tax inspection for 2019 successfully avoided .
In December 2022, the client sought our tax check-up service. During the analysis, fraudulent counterparties with "direct gaps" amounting to 8.5 million rubles ($ 113 333,33) in VAT were discovered.
Negotiations with the tax authorities were conducted, the amount of the discrepancy clarified and a deferral within the Federal Tax Service's restructuring platform obtained.
An on-site inspection was NOT scheduled, and tax risks totaling 67 million rubles ($ 893 333,33) were excluded from the audited period. Due to our prompt and coordinated work, the taxpayer reduced the burden on its employees (avoided an inspection) and retained a significant sum.
Criminal practice
70 million ₽
Bribery sum of over 70 million rubles to a public official

All evidence provided by the investigation was refuted, and the criminal case against the company's director was terminated after a 4-year investigation.
The director of a major enterprise was accused of repeated bribery to a government official, totaling over 70 million rubles ($ 933 333,33). The purpose of the bribery was to secure the official's approval of an allegedly inflated equipment supply price. The accusation was based on the testimony of the government official.
The facts of the alleged agreements and bribery during three meetings between the suspect and the government official, for the approval of a non-inflated contract price, were refuted. Evidence was presented to demonstrate the significant reduction in contract prices caused by the government official. The evidence of the suspect's guilt, including the government official's polygraph examination results, was refuted.
The accusation of collusion and bribery by the company's director towards a public official was refuted. The investigation, which lasted over 4 years, was ultimately terminated due to a lack of any evidence supporting the existence of agreements or bribery.
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