Debt recovery through corporate bankruptcy

We protect the creditor's interests and help to recover up to 100% of the debt via the bankruptcy procedure.

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The most important information about bankruptcy in 1,5 minutes from Ilya Rusyaev
Creditors manage to recover only 11,9% of the debt
Statistics on corporate bankruptcy from the Federal Resource site in the past year show that on average, creditors manage to recover only 11,9% of the total debt during the process of bankruptcy of private companies with debts.
The reason for such low recovery rates is that in most cases, the debtor attempts to write off the debts and minimise the negative consequences of bankruptcy by any means possible. Often, these methods result in direct losses for creditors.
21,6% — secured creditors;
2,3% — ordinary creditors.
If creditors do not take active measures to protect their interests, the likelihood of debt recovery in such cases tends towards zero.
Sale of company assets and asset withdrawal
Re-registration of the legal entity in a nominee
Attempts to influence the decisions of the bankruptcy trustee
Ignoring the demands of creditors, tax authorities, and lawyers
Manipulation of documents, concealment of information or data
Attempting to evade responsibility by initiating personal bankruptcy
Bankruptcy “tourism” — changing jurisdiction before bankruptcy
Which of these situations are you currently facing?
Your debt is not being repaid
For over three months, your debt of over 300,000 rubles ($ 4 000) has not been repaid. You understand that the debtor is on the brink of bankruptcy and is unlikely to be able to return the money.
The creditor has plunged into bankruptcy
One of the creditors has plunged into the bankruptcy of the debtor — a legal entity. The creditor has seized the initiative, and the satisfaction of your interests is at risk.
The debtor is in the bankruptcy process
The situation is unfolding unfavourably for you. The debtor is withdrawing assets, ignoring the demands of creditors, and attempting to evade responsibility by writing off the debts.
In any of these situations, it is important to seize the initiative. If you plunge into bankruptcy of a debt-ridden company, the initiative is yours, and you have the opportunity to choose the bankruptcy trustee. If the procedure is already underway, it is important to actively participate in the process to defend your interests and recover the funds.

Often, even secured creditors fail to recover at least a portion of the debt without taking active measures. The declared assets are nonexistent, the company's assets are held by third parties, and the company's director is a nominal figure who hides from everyone. The current debt during bankruptcy is significantly higher than the value of the company's assets. And this is only a small part of the problems that can be encountered when recovering funds through the bankruptcy of debt-ridden legal entities.
How to bankrupt a private company and recover up to 100% of the debt
Contesting the debtor's transactions over the past 3 years
Returning the company's assets to the bankruptcy estate
Assessing the activities of the bankruptcy trustee
Representing your interests at creditors' meetings
We help to achieve maximum debt repayment and satisfy your demands as a creditor through the bankruptcy of a legal entity debtor.
For over 17 years, we have been defending business interests in private company bankruptcies, debt recovery, and tax disputes. Depending on the circumstances, we develop a strategy that allows for maximum satisfaction of your demands.
  • We analyse the actions of the debtor and other creditors, evaluating possible scenarios.
  • Based on our experience in handling similar cases, we develop a strategy and action plan for bankrupting a private company with debts.
  • We systematically bring the case to completion, achieving the anticipated results.
Drawing the attention of law enforcement authorities to the actions of the debtor and the trustee
Holding the controlling parties subsidiarily liable, if necessar
Get a consultation from a bankruptcy lawyer for legal entities.
95 bankruptcy procedures successfully completed
Extensive expertise with over 200 successful projects annually
Over 2 billion rubles ($ 27 million) recovered from debtors through bankruptcy procedures
Cost of debt recovery through corporate bankruptcy
On behalf of the creditor we initiate and guide the bankruptcy procedure of a private company to recover the debt. Depending on the situation, we implement a range of measures to satisfy your claims.
1) Bankruptcy procedure not yet initiated
We prepare for launching the bankruptcy procedure of the company with debts.
We establish a dialogue with the debtor, assessing the possibility of reaching a settlement agreement. We secure the settlement agreement through pledge agreements.
We initiate the bankruptcy procedure, maintaining the initiative and assisting in the selection of a trustee.
We provide support throughout the bankruptcy procedure, from observation to bankruptcy proceedings.
2) Bankruptcy procedure already initiated
We work on including the creditor's claim in the registry.
We develop a defence strategy to prevent the inclusion of other creditors' questionable claims in the registry.
We implement a set of measures to regain control of the proceedings.
We provide support throughout the bankruptcy procedure, from observation to bankruptcy proceedings.
We help to recover up to 100% of the debt, even in cases where the debtor company lacks funds.
We replenish the bankruptcy estate by identifying and challenging transactions from the past 3 years.
We monitor the fulfilment of obligations by the bankruptcy trustee and the debtor.
We hold debtor’s controlling parties subsidiarily liable if necessary.
We actively protect the creditor's interests during the observation stage. At the end of this stage, the temporary trustee determines the presence of signs of fictitious or deliberate bankruptcy. This can provide grounds for initiating a case or become a decisive factor in invoking subsidiary liability.
Starting from 150 000 rubles ($ 2 000) per month.
Cost of the debt recovery through corporate bankruptcy
To find out how to satisfy the creditor's demands in your case and receive a cost estimate for legal assistance, please submit an application. Our lawyer will contact you and provide a consultation on the creditor-oriented bankruptcy system, explaining how to bankrupt a company with debts and recover the debt.
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What you get when choosing "Rusyaev & Partners"
Comprehensive support
You save not only money but also time. We initiate and control all processes, establish effective communication with creditors and government agencies, and bring bankruptcy to the predicted outcome.
Predictable outcome
You understand in advance what risks for the company and stakeholders are involved in the procedure. We provide a step-by-step action plan, outlining the optimal result and the ways to achieve it.
Resolution of complex issues
You resolve tax and legal issues quickly and efficiently. Our high-level contacts and the status of our company's leaders and partners, enable us to find solutions promptly in contentious situations.
Absolute confidentiality
Maximum honesty is the key to our successful collaboration. You can provide us with any confidential information without fear. We guarantee its security and sign a non-disclosure agreement.
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