Have you violated currency legislation? Are you facing a fine under Article 15.25 of the Administrative Offences Code?

We will protect your interests at the Federal Tax Service and help resolve the situation with minimal costs.

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A client faced a multi-billion fine and bankruptcy...
A fine of up to 100% of the bank account transactions...
In most cases, the penalty for violating the currency legislation amounts to tens of thousands of rubles. However, for certain violations, the fine can reach up to 75 million rubles ($ 1 million).
How do the tax authorities become aware of currency legislation violations?
If the currency operations are conducted through a foreign bank account with a total amount exceeding 100 million rubles ($ 1,3 million) within one year without notifying the tax authorities, then, according to Article 15.25 of the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation, a fine ranging from 75% to 100% of the total transaction amount can be imposed. Under Article 193 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, repeated violations of this nature can lead to criminal liability.
Automatic exchange of financial information with banks from 79 countries.
Through Russian banks and professional participants of the securities market who provide the necessary data.
During inspections initiated by the Federal Tax Service.
Также контроль соблюдения валютного законодательства могут осуществлять другие органы – Генпрокуратура и Росфинмониторинг.
Which of these 2 situations are you currently facing?
There are violations, and you want to protect yourself.
You have a foreign bank account, and the transactions amounting to 100+ million rubles ($ 1,3 million) were conducted through it within one year without notifying the tax authorities. If the Federal Tax Service detects a violation of currency legislation, you may face administrative liability and a fine of up to 100% of the transactions’ amount.
A case has been initiated under Article 15.25, and you are facing a fine.
The Federal Tax Service has already discovered a violation of currency legislation, and a case has been initiated. You may be subject to administrative liability with a fine ranging from 75% to 100% of the transactions’ amount. You don’t know how to build a defence strategy to avoid significant financial losses.
If violations have not yet been detected, you have a chance to resolve the situation legally without financial losses. If there are claims from the Federal Tax Service, it is important to promptly respond to the situation and build a defence strategy. Failure to do so is likely to result in having to pay the fine.
How to avoid penalties for violating currency legislation
Over 17 years of successful disputes with tax authorities
Extensive expertise with over 200 successful projects annually
17 млрд.
17 billion rubles ($ 227 million) saved for our clients
We assess your situation and identify within one day the real risks of being held liable for administrative offences. We implement a set of measures to resolve the situation with minimal costs.
We make documentation expertise and a thorough analysis of the situation.
We assess the actions of tax authorities and other participants of the process.
Develop a strategy and an action plan based on the results of handling similar cases.
Get a personal consultation from Ilya Rusyaev on currency legislation and the assessment of the risks of being held liable for violating currency legislation in the Russian Federation.
Service cost
The cost of the service depends directly on the circumstances of the case. If you have no claims from the tax authorities yet, it is much easier to reduce risks and avoid fines compared to cases where violations have already been detected. Therefore, the sooner you seek the assistance of a lawyer, the higher is the probability of resolving the situation with minimal costs.
We assess the current situation and conduct document expertise.
We prepare a list of necessary documents for currency control.
We develop a strategy to minimise the risks of fines.
In case of claims from the Federal Tax Service, we prepare for a currency inspection.
We actively participate in the tax inspection when it takes place.
We help dispute the accusations and represent your interests at all stages of the case until its conclusion.
There are no standard schemes for resolving situations of violation of currency legislation. Everything depends on the circumstances of the case. However, regardless of the circumstances, our main task is to identify the real risks, find the optimal solution to the issue, and implement it in practice.
30,000 rubles ($ 400) per hour
Service cost for the issues of violations of currency legislation
The reasons why you can trust us with the protection of your interests in cases of currency legislation violations?
17 years of defending clients' interests in tax disputes
200+ successful cases of various complexity annually
32 successful tax audits completed
370 companies successfully liquidated
95 bankruptcy procedures finalized
Over 17 billion rubles ($ 226 666 666,67) saved for our clients
Ilya Rusyaev
Director of the law firm "Rusyaev and Partners"
  • Over 17 years of legal practice — defending clients' interests in courts, corporate conflicts, and bankruptcies
  • Participated in the development of more than 5 legislative projects, including amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation
  • Responsible Secretary of the Council under the Chairman of the Federation Council for Interaction with Civil Society Institutions
  • Arbitration Trustee
  • Resident of Skolkovo (Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo")
  • Member of business communities Pravo.ru, Moscow Capital Club, "ALUN Club"
  • Chairman of the Charitable Foundation for Children with Special Needs "Mayak Zaboty"
  • Higher education — Law Faculty of the Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev, additional education: Russian Law Academy of the Ministry of Justice of Russia, Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo"
3 billion ₽
3 billion rubles ($ 40 million)
Fine for violating currency legislation; the prospect of bankruptcy
A client opened an account in a foreign bank and conducted transactions totaling over 4 billion rubles ($ 53 300). What is more, they did not notify the tax authorities about the account opening or the movement of funds through it. The client faces a fine ranging from 75% to 100% of the account transaction amount and the possibility of subsequent bankruptcy.
We conducted document expertise and thorough analysis of the situation. We assessed the actions of the tax authorities and other participants in the process. Based on the results of our experience in handling similar cases, we developed a strategy and an action plan.
There are certain exceptions to the liability for violating currency legislation, and we were able to prove that this case was one of such exceptions. As a result, the client managed to avoid a 3 billion rubles fine ($ 40 million), and the resolution of the issue cost only a few million rubles.
What you get when choosing "Rusyaev & Partners"
Comprehensive support
You save not only money but also time. We initiate and control all processes, establish effective communication with creditors and government agencies, and bring bankruptcy to the predicted outcome.
Effective Protection
By choosing our services, you minimise the risk of fines to a minimum, regardless of the situation. You can save tens or even hundreds of millions of rubles. We know how tax authorities apply legal norms and how to protect you effectively.
Resolution of complex issues
You resolve tax and legal issues quickly and efficiently. Our high-level contacts and the status of our company's leaders and partners, enable us to find solutions promptly in contentious situations.
Absolute confidentiality
Maximum honesty is the key to our successful collaboration. You can provide us with any confidential information without fear. We guarantee its security and sign a non-disclosure agreement.
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