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We provide comprehensive support for the stable and secure development of your company

years of legal practice
17+ billion
billion rubles saved for our clients
successful projects annually
Defending clients' interests for over 17 years
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About one component of legal retainer services — legal consultation from Ilya Rusyaev
Why does your business need legal retainer services?
Ensuring security
Legal security is the key to the stable and efficient development of a company. To provide legal protection for the enterprise, founders, and employees, it is essential to have well-organized and regular work of lawyers in various areas of law.
Cost optimization
Inefficient business structure, regular losses on taxes, document handling errors, lack of knowledge of legislation, and lack of understanding of how to interact with government agencies can all result in significant damage.
Business growth and development
One of the key factors in the successful development of the company is the ability to find the right people and establish effective dialogue with them. This is challenging without a person with extensive experience and status in the field.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Answers from Company CEO Ilya Rusyaev
Debt of 271 million rubles ($ 3,6 million) repaid without bankruptcy proceedings
What is the key aspect of a lawyer's work?
5 points on what a good lawyer should do
Debt of 271 million rubles ($ 3,6 million) repaid without bankruptcy proceedings
Legal services for the stable and efficient development of your company
High expertise in understanding the work of tax authorities, with former employees of the Federal Tax Service on staff
"Legal retainer services are not just about solving legal issues. I treat your company as my own. As a result, you gain numerous additional opportunities for development, from process optimization to actual negotiations with the right people and the conclusion of new contracts. Remote legal services can also be provided..."
17+ years of experience in defending clients' interests in courts, corporate conflicts, and bankruptcies
Legal retainer services for business — personal support from Ilya Rusyaev. You receive not just assistance from a remote lawyer but from our team of lawyers and attorneys of core competence, access to our expertise, information channels, status and opportunities.
Team of outsourced lawyers, attorneys, tax consultants, and other professionals of core competence
Cost of legal retainer services
Depending on the current needs of your company, the services can be various.
  • Drafting contracts considering tax and bankruptcy risks.
  • Debt collection and debtor bankruptcy.
  • Document audit.
  • Consultation on changes in legislation.
  • Preparation of claims and handling of disputes with counterparties.
  • Establishing effective communication with tax authorities and accompanying tax inspections.
  • Protecting the interests of the company and its employees in pre-trial and court proceedings.
  • Resolving disputes with counterparties and among company founders.
  • Assistance in debt recovery.
  • Handling other legal issues in personal meetings and remotely.
30 000 rubles
($ 400) per hour
Стоимость абонентского юридического обслуживания
Legal retainer services are not just services of a remote lawyer in Moscow. The service entails deep immersion in your company's business processes and active personal involvement of our experts. We provide services under legal retainers for no more than 10 companies simultaneously. The cost includes approximately 35 hours of personal work by Ilya Rusyaev and other specialists at "Rusyaev & Partners." If the agreed-upon timeframe is exceeded, services are billed at the our company's established rates.

To determine whether legal retainer services are suitable for your company, please leave a request for a personal consultation with Ilya Rusyaev.
Package offers for those who value their money and time
2 months

10 hours per month

280 000 rubles ($ 3 700)

Effective rate

28 000 rubles per hour ($ 370)

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6 months

20 hours per month

500 000 rubles ($ 6 600)

Effective rate

25,000 rubles per hour ($ 330)

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12 months

50 hours per month

1 000 000 rubles ($ 13 300)

Effective rate

20 000 rubles per hour ($ 260)

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The reasons why you can trust us with handling your legal matters
17 years of defending clients' interests in tax disputes
200+ successful cases of various complexity annually
32 successful tax audits completed
370 companies successfully liquidated
95 bankruptcy procedures finalized
Over 17 billion rubles ($ 226 666 666,67) saved for our clients
Ilya Rusyaev
Director of the law firm "Rusyaev and Partners"
  • Over 17 years of legal practice — defending clients' interests in courts, corporate conflicts, and bankruptcies
  • Participated in the development of more than 5 legislative projects, including amendments to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation
  • Responsible Secretary of the Council under the Chairman of the Federation Council for Interaction with Civil Society Institutions
  • Arbitration Trustee
  • Resident of Skolkovo (Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo")
  • Member of business communities, Moscow Capital Club, "ALUN Club"
  • Chairman of the Charitable Foundation for Children with Special Needs "Mayak Zaboty"
  • Higher education — Law Faculty of the Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev, additional education: Russian Law Academy of the Ministry of Justice of Russia, Moscow School of Management "Skolkovo"
What you get when choosing "Rusyaev & Partners"
Comprehensive support
You receive an outsourced lawyer who is as interested in the development of your business as you are. We provide constructive suggestions and use all our resources to achieve the objectives set.
Clear strategy
You have a precise action plan and understand what should be done right now to minimise risks for the company and yourself personally. If necessary, we involve lawyers and attorneys to resolve your issues.
Resolution of complex issues
You resolve tax and legal issues quickly and efficiently. Our high-level contacts and the status of our company's leaders and partners, enable us to find solutions promptly in contentious situations.
Absolute confidentiality
Maximum honesty is the key to our successful collaboration. You can provide us with any confidential information without fear. We guarantee its security and sign a non-disclosure agreement.
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