Successful avoidance of additional charges amounting to 12 million rubles ($ 160 000)

A private company with tax risks was successfully liquidated without additional tax assessments or penalties.

During a tax check-up in September 2021, the tax risks for the year 2018 were identified. The company faced potential additional charges amounting to 12 million rubles ($ 160 000), as well as a penalty ranging from 20% to 40% of the additional charges.

We implemented a set of procedures to rectify the company's accounting and minimise risks. We took over the company's accounting management, waited until the beginning of 2022 for the expiration of a possible tax audit period connected with the identified tax risks, and proceeded with the liquidation of the company.

The private company was successfully liquidated without any additional charges or penalties since the deadline for the tax audit period related to the tax risks had passed. The company saved 12 million rubles ($ 160 000) and avoided penalties.

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