Liquidation of a state monopoly transport operator with a tax audit

The amount of tax risks was equal to 6 billion rubles ($ 80 million). The client's mandatory requirement was to undergo a tax audit before the liquidation. The tax audit was successfully completed, and the company was liquidated for only 500 million rubles ($ 6,6 million).

Transport operator for a state monopoly. Over 3 000 transportation units on the balance sheet, including 2 aeroplanes.

The change in the organisational structure of interaction with the state monopoly led to the need for liquidation. There was a risk of creating a precedent in another bankruptcy case, which opened the possibility of profit tax recalculations. The total amount of tax risks was 6 billion rubles ($ 80 million).

successfully within the shortest possible time. The initiation and completion of the tax audit were carried out in several stages:
  • tax check-up — identification of the company’s tax risks: checking the company in all available databases, evaluating control ratios of balance sheet figures, and several other procedures;
  • tax due diligence — assessment of all identified tax risks based on their level of danger to the company. This helps to understand the possible decisions of the court in the disputes between your company and the Federal Tax Service regarding each specific deal and taking all the circumstances into account;
  • Support during the tax audit — protection of the company’s interests and its participants with an aim to undergo an on-site tax audit with minimal costs.

After the preparation for the tax audit and its completion, the liquidation procedure was initiated and successfully carried out within a short period of time.

The tax audit was initiated and successfully passed. The company was liquidated for only 500 million rubles ($ 6,6 million), despite having tax risks amounting to 6 billion rubles ($ 80 million).

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